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Ginger is an absolute love! She has a therapy dog temperament and aims to please. She will follow you around the house and lay at your feet when you sit down, patiently awaiting an invite to sit on the couch with you to cuddle. She only gives kisses when told "kiss-kiss" and when you hand-feed her, she is so delicate to take bites. Walks or car rides are sure to get her excited! She's the perfect amount of play and chill. Ginger is super well behaved to take anywhere and loves the attention she gets from strangers...She knows she's cute! Her luscious coat is ridiculously soft! 

Registered name: BAYOU DOODLES "Apple" AKA Ginger

Sire: Royals Cowboy

Dam: Classic Citys Bindi

WALA 00039990

Weight 21 pounds

Height 15"

Size: Mini

DOB: 08/19/20

Coat: Wavy Fleece

359676473_1757992324636134_965849171412391986_n (1).jpg


Cherry is our daughters personal dog and makes the absolute best friend to her. She is her little ragdoll inside the home and sleeps in bed with her. Outside she can be found playing fetch or running around in the sprinklers! She's as delightful as her sister with the same therapy dog type personality. If you aren't petting her while cuddling on the couch, she will gently tap her paw on your hand. She also loves belly scratches. She goes on so many adventures with her little human and relishes all the attention she gets. She loves going out to feed the horses and gives them kisses on their nose. Such a fun, showstopping girl!

Bayou Doodles' "Cherry"
SIRE: Royals Cowboy
DAM: Classic Citys Bindi
WALA REG:  WALA0039989
Weight:  22 lbs
Height:  13 inches
Size:  Mini
DOB:  08/19/20
Hair type:  wavy fleece

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